Worst Beer Aging You Faster Says Dietitian

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A chilled beer is the perfect summer drink. It's not the ideal drink for feeling and looking younger.

Beer dehydrates and lacks critical nutrients.

Despite being a liquid, it dehydrates you when consumed.

When water is taken from your body, it ages you by drying out your skin.

It can harm your skin, health, and brain.

Alcohol impairs your immune system and affects internal organs like your heart. Regular drinkers may observe an increase in blood pressure and triglycerides.

It may help you fall asleep quicker, but lowers REM sleep. Sleep deprivation makes you feel and look worse.

Beer blended with extra sugar sources, such as in a shandy, may speed up ageing.

It's calorie-, sugar-, and alcohol-laden. Sugary drinks lack nourishment and should be minimized. When mixed with beer, it's harmful.


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