What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Garlic

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Olive oil gets plenty of glory for being the heart-healthy boss of a Mediterranean diet, but garlic is another Mediterranean superstar for cardiovascular health.

reduce your bp

"Garlic supplements have significantly higher amounts of allicin, the active compound in garlic that's responsible for many of its health benefits

Lowering blood pressure is only part of the story of garlic's effects on the cardiovascular system. Using the spicy cloves in your cooking may also bring down your cholesterol.


The review found other positive effects of garlic on heart health, too, including relaxing blood vessels and preventing abnormal enlargement of the heart muscle.

Garlic could do more in your mouth than just please your taste buds. Placing fresh-sliced garlic on a painful tooth may tide you over until a dentist's visit.

soothe tooth pain

Chewing on fresh garlic releases its all-important active compound, allicin. Once released, allicin's antimicrobial ability can get to work eliminating harmful bacteria

The interplay between diet and cancer is always a hot topic—and garlic is at the forefront of much of this food-as-medicine research.

reduce the risk of some cancers

Numerous studies have found links between eating the tasty aromatic and preventing the Big C. In particular

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