Unique Method For Preserving Summer Tomatoes

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Summer is terrific for fresh food, especially tomatoes. Tomatoes are best from spring through early autumn, but August is their peak on both coasts.

In peak season, farmers markets sell a wide range of tomatoes. If you grew them, you may have too many.

Summer tomato dishes include sauces, salads, and this galette. What do you do when October arrives and you crave summer's taste? 

Canning may seem frightening, but there's another way to preserve summer tomatoes for the winter.

Butter lasts longer due to its high fat and low water content. Store-bought butter lasts months in the fridge. Butter may be used to preserve other foods since it lasts so long.

Compound butter, or softened butter blended with aromatics and herbs, lasts two weeks in the fridge and three months when frozen.

Make compound tomato butter to retain summer tomato taste.

Cook fresh tomatoes to a jam-like consistency, then combine with room temperature butter. A little vinegar and salt boost the flavour.

Butter may be frozen for three months, although it loses taste after a week.

Tomato compound butter is excellent on toast, spaghetti, and risotto.

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