Top Designer Curtain Designs for Home

Designer Bathroom Curtains

This is a beautiful blue designer bathroom suite.Curtains feature a scalloped blue valance and white frills with blue stripes.The bathroom window features a scalloped valance

Designer Kitchen Curtain

This is one of those simple to make curtains that will look sophisticated. The curtain fabric is simply placed over the rod evenly on both sides.

Cream Designer Curtain

This is a distinctive curtain pattern with plenty of frills. The valance is half the length of the tier. The frilly gather is stitched around the valance and tier inner ends.

Purple Designer Curtain

It features two tiers and a double valance. One valance has purple flowers and is flat across the curtain panel, while the other has a single scallop.

Elegant Cream Designer Curtain Fabric

This is a stunning designed cream curtain that will add a touch of charm to your decor. It has very little sewing.

Blue and White Silk Curtain

This beautiful drape is made with care. The valance is nicely decorated with blue, white, and a white additional drape with blue flowers.

Black and White Designer Curtain

The classic black and white curtain will fit any living room decor. The tier includes two black and two white panels. It features basic black panels 

Sheer Designer Curtain

This beautiful sheer curtain is used for thread-ceremonies, naming ceremonies, engagements, marriages, and other events. This curtain has a wonderful aura.

White and Yellow Designer Curtain

This curtain design is perfect for engagement or weddings. Yellow panels hang on a white backdrop. The yellow panels are joined with a floral arrangement.

Blue Silk Designer Curtain

Beautiful blue silk designer curtains. Intricate triangle work adorns the valance. The stitched triangle features a spherical pearl on each vertex.

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