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Is the Biggest Pizza Trend

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Pizza has never been more popular, so don't give it up just because it's summer. A new pizza topping that uses seasonal ingredients. This may be the finest pizza you've ever had.

Salad pizza's base is greens, and lots of them. Chicken and ham are the most popular pizza toppings in the world, but greens like these might overtake them.

Salad pizza is best in the summer. That's especially true in Abruzzo, where arugula grows along certain summer walks, or Genoa, where basil and pine nuts make the world's greatest pesto.

Kale or watercress from the garden, farmer's market, or grocer work well. Got basil? Continue... likewise.

It's versatile. The recipe asked for grated parmesan, although buffalo mozzarella, asiago, or cheddar might work. Fontana? Salad pizza virtually invented Fontina.

Good salad pizza has greens, cheese, and cannellini beans. Smoky beans provide flavour and protein to salad pizza.

Fava beans and chickpeas are good salad pizza ingredients. Rinse and dry canned vegetables.

To make a salad pizza, bake the pizza on its own and then cover it with salad after it's baked.

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