This Fruit Can Lower Your Blood Sugar

Avocados really are a super superfood: they're packed with vitamins, nutrients, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, they can make you feel fuller longer, they can lower cholesterol,

and they might even help prevent cancer. They're also delicious and so trendy that you can easily incorporate them into meals both at home and out, so essentially, avocados are a win-win.

Avocados are key for both diabetics & prediabetics. All of the aforementioned benefits of avocados provide a healthy foundation, a recent discovery is specifically promising

for regulating blood sugar levels.Avocatin B (AvoB) is a bioactive naturally found in certain avocados,"When we talk about bioactives, think of it like the nutrients we get from other foods:

we get Omega-3 fatty acids from eating fish and Vitamin C from oranges. AvoB is a bioactive ingredient in avocados, which can be an important dietary choice for diabetics and prediabetics."

this bioactive can be used to maintain a healthy metabolism, blood sugar, insulin levels, and weight in adults. These factors are important for everyone, but crucial for diabetics and prediabetics.

"When your metabolism is working, everything is in balance," Dr. Spanguolo says." You have ideal levels of blood sugar,good cholesterol,blood pressure, etc. If your metabolism has become inefficient,

you are burning either glucose or fat, one more than the other, causing a build-up of either one in your blood. Science tells us that blood sugar imbalances can have a profound and

negative impact on our health. They can impact our energy levels, concentration, mood, and much more. And for diabetics, unbalanced blood sugars could lead to even more serious health complications

like heart attack and stroke."


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