The Worst Food for Your Metabolism

High-protein foods, for example, have a high thermic effect, meaning it requires your body to work harder to digest them, revving your metabolism. At the same time,

there are foods that don't trigger that fat-burning furnace and can actually hurt your metabolism. And those worst foods to eat if you want a higher-revving metabolism are made up of

simple sugars without any fiber, such as white bread.

The best foods for boosting metabolism are those that take longer to digest & keep you feeling satisfied while the worst foods

How foods high in simple sugars affect your metabolism

for your metabolism are those that turn quickly into glucose.The tool you can use to measure how long a food containing carbohydrate takes to digest & turn into glucose is called the glycemic index.

A food that's high on the glycemic index takes less time to digest so it quickly raises the level of glucose in your bloodstream.

These simple carbohydrates—like candy, soda, & sweet desserts—give your body a speedy burst of energy because they are broken down quickly, but then, just as quickly,you will feel lethargic & hungry.

They tend to make you ravenous and may spur overeating, so high-GI foods are associated with weight gain. By contrast, complex carbohydrates like whole grains which are low on the GI

tend to contribute to weight loss because they take longer to digest and require more calories to do so.

"White flour has all of wheat's healthiest parts, like fiber and nutrients, stripped away,"

White bread is particularly bad for your metabolism

Taking the fiber out makes white bread easy and quick to digest so your metabolism doesn't have to operate at a higher rate and burn more calories to break it down

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