Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Espresso

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Espresso contains caffeine, which might keep you up late or cause disturbed sleep (unless you drink decaf). Midday caffeine-free. Some can last until midday.

It could disrupt your sleep

Caffeine's adrenaline release causes anxiety. Caffeine boosts alertness by inhibiting adenosine, a tired-making brain chemical.

It can make you anxious

Caffeine might speed up or change your cardiac rhythm. Atrial fibrillation has been found in young persons who drank caffeinated energy beverages.

It can increase your heart rate

Espresso can induce dehydration since caffeinated beverages are moderate diuretics.

You better be near a bathroom

Diuretics cause your body to create more pee, which isn't hazardous but should be considered before a lengthy automobile travel.

Espresso's laxative action is related to gastrin, a stomach hormone that speeds up colon movement. Overdrinking may cause loose stools or diarrhoea in some persons.

It can cause digestion problems

Espresso is a great pre-workout pick-me-up. A caffeine dose 30 minutes before your workout can give you energy without making you feel full.

It can fuel your workout

Two espressos improved memory. Subjects' long-term memory improved. The study found no benefits from drinking more than two cups.

It can be a memory booster

Espresso's downsides are easy to avoid. Overdoing it is possible. Healthy persons can take 400 mg of caffeine daily. Four cups of coffee or 5-6 espressos.

Don't overdo it

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