Surprising Effects of Eating Soy

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Breast cancer is linked to oestrogen levels. Breast cancer patients on hormone treatment were urged to avoid soy products.

protect against breast cancer

Up to two daily servings of tofu, soy milk, or edamame do not raise the risk of breast cancer. Eating soy products may have a protective impact

Osteoporosis risk rises with age. Half of all persons over 50 are at risk of fracturing a bone owing to insufficient bone density. Soy may prevent fractures.

strengthen your bones

Soy isoflavones increase bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis-related bone loss. Isoflavones are a kind of phytoestrogen present in soybeans and soy products.

Soy may also reduce excessive blood pressure and inflammation, which contribute to heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

help lower risk of these silent killers

In chronic low-grade inflammation, immune system cells overwhelm the body owing to poor nutrition, smoking, and alcohol usage.

Both inflammation and high blood pressure can create plaques in arteries that can break off and cause heart attacks and strokes. Two studies show soy protein may lower blood pressure and inflammation.

Soy protein can help you lose weight and reduce heart strain, but it also has additional circulatory benefits. Soy reduces cholesterol and heart disease risk.

protect your heart

Soy protein is essential for repairing and growing muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, as we've often said. Muscle burns more calories and reduces body fat.

support weight loss

Protein keeps you full longer and reduces sugar cravings. Soy may help insulin resistance, fatty acid metabolism, and other hormonal, physiological, or molecular weight gain modifications.

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