Secret Effects of Eating Kale

With the help of vitamin A, which kale also contains in droves, the leafy green may very well have the power to transform your hair.

1. can help you have a better hair day

 Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, which in turn encourages hair growth, while also contributing to collagen, which helps with hair structure

2. can help you fight off the common cold

Unsurprisingly, because kale is so dense with vitamin C, the superfood salad base ranks pretty high among foods that help with warding off disease.

Some research has found that vitamin C can even help prevent and treat cancer.

3. Kale can help your eyesight

The vegetable contains a high amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect your eyes by shielding them from damage by blue light,

reducing the risk of cataracts, and, some studies show, even improve visual acuity, not to mention the benefits your eye health get from consuming vitamin A.

4. Kale can reduce blood clotting

Beyond vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin, kale also contains a high amount of the very fittingly named vitamin K.Vitamin K is a crucial part of the process

that allows proteins in your body to bind calcium and therefore prevent blood clots. This same benefit could lead to a reduced risk of heart disease, as well.

5. Kale improves bone health

The power of vitamin K does not end in your bloodstream, though. The nutrient has also been linked to healthy strong bones—studies have found that those who are deficient

in vitamin K are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis and experiencing bone breakage

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