Popular Foods That Boost Your Immune System

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the vitamin C they contain does appear to have a positive overall effect on the immune system because it supports your cells' barrier against pathogens and reduces damage from free radicals.

1. Oranges

the piquant bulbs appear to enhance immune function by stimulating cells like macrophages and lymphocytes–soldiers on the front lines of your immune system.

2. Garlic

Ginger has long been known for its anti-nausea effects, but it may also be a friend to your immune system. Though ginger doesn't launch a direct assault on viruses or bacteria, because of its

3. Ginger

antioxidant properties, it helps reduce systemic inflammation. When the body has less inflammation to contend with, the immune system can do a better job of fighting off harmful external assaults.

Citrus fruits aren't the only vitamin C powerhouse out there. In fact, red bell peppers outdo oranges to the tune of 108 extra milligrams of vitamin C per cup. 

4. Bell peppers

a whole day's Recommended Daily Allowance for this nutrient is just 75 milligrams.

For food-as-medicine, you can't go wrong with uber-healthy kale. This leafy green not only contains plenty of vitamin C, but also boasts significant amounts of vitamins A and E.

5. Kale

According to 2018 research in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, Vitamin A helps regulate the cellular immune response.

Ready for another unsung vitamin C hero? Tomatoes are a surprising source of this immune-boosting nutrient, with 25 milligrams per cup. They're also rich in vitamin A and lycopene,

6. Tomatoes

an antioxidant that reduces inflammation (and—bonus!—may even have a role to play in the prevention of several cancers). Intriguingly, it's easier for the body to absorb lycopene from cooked tomatoes

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