Mango's Unknown Side Effects

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The mango is generally healthy. Phytonutrients are "health-supportive chemical substances" found in many plants.

Mangoes have a lot to appreciate about them

Consumption of potassium-rich foods can "help balance excessive salt intake and manage high blood pressure."

Mangoes may be beneficial to your heart

The mango is not a fruit for all. True or not, if you are sensitive to a synthetic material, you may have troubles with mango.

Mangoes have some fascinating side effects

If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, eat this alongside a more complex diet.

Mango may produce a blood sugar surge

Mango is abundant in fermentable carbs and may induce GI upset if eaten in excess. 

Mango has the potential to upset your stomach

Mangoes don't necessarily cause GI issues; in fact, they may benefit in some cases "Mango is said to help relieve diarrhoea in some studies.

On the contrary

Mango is high in vitamin A, which is good for skin and eyes, and also high in vitamin C "for cell protection and increased iron absorption.

Mangoes are high in vitamins and minerals

Yes, you should watch your mango's sugar content, but if you watch your portion size, this can be a healthy fruit for weight loss.

If you're trying to lose weight

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