Major Side Effect Of Eating Raw Rice

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The eating of raw rice can result in food poisoning in people. Uncooked rice generally contains a harmful substance named Bacillus cereus.

The eating of raw rice can result in symptoms of diarrhea. A substance named lectinsis present in the rice that is a reason for causing the diarrhea symptoms.

Eating raw rice can increase the risk of having gas in the stomach. The digestion and constipation issues can arise after consuming the raw rise by a person.

The people who eat raw rice are prone to a particular disease named Pica. The pica is a rare disease mostly found in children of a certain age.

Various online sources have shown that eating raw rice can decrease certain vitamins in a person’s body.

The lectin substance present in the rice starts damaging the inner gut walls of the stomach. This substance is hard and non-digestive. 

The addiction to eating raw rice is a psychological disorder and needs to be treated through a professional counselor.

Raw rice is generally consumed by a person having iron deficiency. But eating excessive raw rice can cause major health issues also. 

The pale skin is also a result of eating raw rice. A person consuming raw rice has experienced the symptoms of turning the skin into yellow color.

The eating of raw rice makes the nails and hair weaker.

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