Junk Food Fitness Experts Won't Eat

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"We've been conditioned to look for low-cost food instead of the high-quality food. Now, to eat organic seems like a luxury when it really isn't.

Non-Organic Chicken

"White bread has been bleached and stripped of its bran and germ, the elements of the grain that contain beneficial nutrients. 

Stripped Breads

"Although protein bars are packed with energy, they're not as good for you as you think. They're often high in excess calories

Protein Bars

"I enjoy my daily cup of coffee, but I refuse to drink sugar-sweetened coffee drinks like Starbuck's Frappuccinos. 

Sugary Drinks

"You may think that you're getting a healthier slice when you opt for turkey over regular bacon, but that's definitely not the case.

Turkey Bacon

"Thanks to the Paleo craze, many people hoping to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass now eat more meat. 

"Double Protein

"Although it's not good for you, I will have an occasional Coke. I quite like it. But I won't ever have a Diet Coke—

Diet Coke

"For starters, alcohol negatively affects the entire body: the brain, liver, heart and emotional well-being. 


Surprising Side Effects of Grapefruit Juice

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