Fastest Growing Burger Chain In America

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Bet on burgers. Compared to other restaurant concepts that have failed since the pandemic, beef between two buns will contribute 13% to sales in 2021.

Burger giants should beware. There's a fast-growing restaurant franchise. Wahlburgers' rise proves there's always place for a decent burger idea.

Since 2019, when most eateries were suffering pandemic setbacks, sales have increased by 104%.

Paul Wahlberg, Donnie, and Mark own Wahlburgers in Massachusetts. The business has 90+ stores in 23 states from East to West.

The restaurant is recognised for its exquisite Angus beef burgers and celebrity owners. "Government cheese" refers to the Wahlbergs' lowly background.

Wahlburgers is the fastest-growing burger chain in America, according to Technomic.

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers boosted sales by 41.63% since 2019, Culver's by 38.64%, and Farmer Boys by 28.53. Five Guys (25.95%),

Cook-Out Restaurant (24.94%), SONIC Drive-In (24.49%), Shake Shack (23.20%), In-N-Out Burger (22.51%), and Whataburger (20.87%) all grew.

Hy-Vee replaced all 21 of its defunct Market Grille outlets with Wahlburgers.

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