Costco's Top 5 Selling Items Will Surprise You

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Before the coronavirus outbreak, Kirkland toilet paper was Costco's best-seller.

5. Toilet Paper

Given the run on and stockpiling of toilet paper, their proprietary brand is the best-selling Costco product. Costco toilet paper rocks!

Costco's rotisserie chickens have been $4.99 for ten years. No surprise it's the store's second-best-seller. They're still available, depending on region.

4. Rotisserie Chickens

Costco tip? "Listen for the bell for fresh rotisserie chicken. When it rings, someone has just baked chicken."

Costco's Kirkland-branded bacon? Delicious and popular before the coronavirus pandemic. How are its sales? As previously, we probably all want comfort food.

3. Bacon

A pork scarcity may affect costs, but it's unclear if Costco's bacon supply have been affected.

Costco's food court was a guilty pleasure when buying army-battalion-sized mayonnaise and paper supplies.

2. Hot dogs!

 Hot dogs were the fourth most popular product pre-pandemic. The new pandemic food court policies almost probably changed that.

Gas is popular in Costco stores that sell it. Why? Costco members save money at petrol stations. Is gas selling as well as before the pandemic? No, there are less drivers.

1. Gas

Texas crude oil sold at a negative price per barrel due to poor demand for refined petroleum. Costco gas is a top product throughout the epidemic.