Best Oatmeal to Manage Blood Sugar

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According to medical expert Laura Burak, MS, RD the best way to make oatmeal to manage your blood sugar is making you sure you have enough protein and fiber-heavy ingredients to add to it.

"A combo of protein & fiber is key to balancing blood sugar and keeping you full," says Burak. "You can make a blood-sugar-friendly bowl of oatmeal by adding enough protein and sweetening the mixture

with natural fiber-containing sugar sources like fresh or frozen fruit, instead of just sprinkling good ol' brown sugar on top."

Carbohydrates, especially those with heavy amounts of sugar, can sometimes cause a spike in your blood sugar. This is because when you eat carbs,

Oatmeal and managing blood sugar

your body breaks them down into glucose at a rapid rate.Fortunately, although oats are a carb, they are also extremely high in soluble fiber. According to the CDC, foods high in fiber

are an excellent choice for controlling blood sugar because your body doesn't break down the fiber in the same way it does for other carbohydrates.

While oats alone can be great for those trying to manage their blood glucose levels, Burak has her very own recipe for oatmeal that can give you even more of a health boost.

"My go-to creation is called 'power oats' because once the oats are cooked, I stir in two to three raw egg whites for protein, which instantly cook into the hot oats and make it taste even better,"

"Then I add berries and peanut butter for more protein and fiber, and a hit of cinnamon for natural sweetness. There is even research suggesting that cinnamon may improve blood sugar management,

so it is more reason to add this spice to your oats."


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