Best Hairstyles to Slim Your Face

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Face framing layers that follow the curves of your cheekbones and jawline will always create a 'hair contouring' look.

Face Framing Layers

While a straight, slicked-back pony does draw attention to round features, a lightly teased style with wavy texture and a tiny side part is a slimming and ultra-flattering hairdo.

Messy Ponytail

Layered bobs with texture are perfect for adding volume and breadth to a long face shape.

Layered Bob

A voluminous topknot or ballerina bun provides a vertical illusion, making your face appear longer and slimmer.

Voluminous Topknot

A sloppy, beachy braid with volume at the roots lengthens, lifts, and lengthens the facial shape.

Side-Swept Braid

Slick the lighter side under the ear and align the portion with the arch or tail of your brow.

Side Part

This simple low bun is the answer. Face-framing waves elongate the face and make it seem classy enough for a wedding or black-tie event.

Low Bun

To produce a neat symmetrical line that will give you an elevated impression, line up the angle of your ponytail with your cheekbone and top of your ear.

High Ponytail

Large strands of hair from above each ear should be softly gathered and pinned to the back of your head. Assemble the parts so that they fall lightly over your ears.

Princess Hair

Shaggy layers are ideal for this since you can simply experiment with the texture with various style tools to give it more substance.

Shaggy Layers

Short hair may also be slimming if it has a lot of structure and volume, making your face appear smaller in proportion.

Textured Hair

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