Best Haircut for Fat Face Double Chin 

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Let it be something like a short straight bob if you're looking for one. Such a fat face double chin haircut will simply transform your appearance.

Short Straight Bob

Hairstyles that are chin length will hide your round cheeks. In this case, a bob is a great option. Add layers to your haircut if your hair is lacking in volume.

Layered Chin Length Bob

It's no surprise that bobs are among the most popular double chin round face medium length hairstyles. They go with any hair type and can be styled in a flash.

Voluminous Shoulder Length Bob

Medium-length hairstyles are arguably the best for a double chin and round face. It's simple to style and exudes the confidence and power of a strong woman.

Long Pixie Cut

A short bob comes into play when you want something longer than chubby face double chin pixie cut short hairstyles but still want them to be manageable.

Short Bob

Plus-size women should consider making their pixie cut asymmetrical when going for a double chin round face look. 

Asymmetrical Double Chin Round Face Pixie Cut Plus Size

Take a closer look at a short stacked bob if you prefer low-maintenance short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins.

Short Central-Parted Stacked Bob

You can wear round-shaped hairstyles even if you have a chubby face. All you need to know is how to properly emphasise them.

Wavy Rounded Hair With Side Bang

A wavy shaggy haircut for fat face double chin is made for you if you have fluffy hair. It easily conceals protruding areas and gives your face a slimmer appearance.

Wavy Shag Haircut

A deep side parting added to any of the many medium hairstyles for round faces will hide your double chin while also adding an intricate twist.

Medium Length Haircut With Deep Side Part