Best Fruits to Help Lower Blood Sugar

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In the summertime, who can resist a bowl of fresh blackberries? If you're concerned about your blood sugar


Not familiar with the glycemic index? It's a scale that measures how much certain foods raise blood sugar.

The berry bonanza continues. With their ample fiber content of 3.5 grams per cup and a low glycemic index of 53


blueberries definitely make the roster of best fruits for blood sugar. A 2016 review of multiple studies found that the indigo-colored berries

Underneath apples' everyday persona lies a wealth of benefits for blood sugar. In addition to their hefty fiber content and low GI score


apples are rich in polyphenols—aka antioxidant compounds that could help streamline blood sugar levels.

Let's settle the debate over whether tomatoes are fruits or veggies once and for all, shall we?


For the purposes of keeping blood sugar in check, I'm calling them a fantastic member of the fruity family.

You're not alone if you believe oranges are a no-no for lowering blood sugar. Although orange juice can definitely send blood glucose sky-high


whole oranges are another story. Their exact glycemic index score has been debated, depending on variety

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