Best Fruit To Eat Daily for Lower Cholesterol

In a study that was recently published 500 participants were asked to eat a large avocado every day while another 500 participants were not asked to do so. In addition, the 500 who weren't making

the fruit a regular part of their diet were asked to eat fewer than two avocados each month. When the six-month timeframe was over, it was found that participants who were regularly consuming the

popular fruit were eating a healthier diet overall and ended up with cholesterol levels that had gone down. "Overall, this is a good study because it was randomized and

controlled with a large number of people," while noting that "the participants in each group also had similar baseline diets, scoring about a '50%' on the Healthy Eating Index."

On the other hand, Glasser says that "one significant drawback to this study was that they did not collect data on medication use,

this includes supplements and statins during the 6-month trial." At the same time, "their baseline data also uses 24-hour food recall to gather data about usual diet,"

which "is not as good as a food frequency questionnaire" as "one day isn't truly representative of someone's usual diet." "While their food intake data looks good, it probably isn't capturing things

like that milkshake you had last Friday or the pizza you have every Friday." As for how avocados lower cholesterol levels, Glasser says that they "increase how fast triglyceride-rich lipoproteins

are broken down and by stopping the liver from producing more VLDL (one level worse than LDL!)," which "means there is less LDL in your bloodstream overall."  "it is very common for people to

quickly eliminate foods such as red meat, cheese, and too many desserts when they are diagnosed with high cholesterol."

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