9 Restaurant Chains Open on Memorial Day

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While Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and every Sunday, the chain has verified that it will be open on Memorial Day.

1) Chick-fil-A

Olive Garden will be waiting to welcome you with open arms if you can accept consuming Italian-inspired cuisine on this American holiday.

2) Olive Garden

Taco Bell is only closed on a handful of days per year, and Memorial Day is not one of them. 

3) Taco Bell

You can certainly grill or fry wings for your Memorial Day celebrations, or you can have Buffalo Wild Wings do it for you.

4) Buffalo Wild Wings

Many locations remain open for the majority of significant holidays, so it comes as no surprise that the burger chain serves customers on Memorial Day. 

5) Wendy's

A McDonald's representative has verified that the majority of restaurants remain open on holidays.

6) McDonald's

Chipotle has remained open on Memorial Day in previous years, and this trend will continue in 2023.

7) Chipotle

Even though it is a holiday, you will still need your caffeine dose. Thankfully, the majority of Dunkin' Donuts locations are open during normal hours on Memorial Day.

8) Dunkin'

According to The Holiday Hours, Starbucks locations will remain open on Memorial Day for consumers in need of a caffeine fix.

9) Starbucks

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