8 Fast-Food Chains With the Most Food Quality Complaints


Subway leads fast-food complaints. The enormous eatery is as famous for its sandwiches as for a lawsuit claiming its tuna isn't tuna—not a good image.


McDonald's is a global fast-food symbol. This mega-chain is famous for its fries, Happy Meals, and Americana.

Steak 'n Shake

Steak 'n Shake has declined. Public opinion hasn't. The once-popular burger and milkshake restaurant is losing money at an alarming rate.

Taco Bell

The Mexican chain's cuisine is high in salt, fat, and sugar. In some situations, it's so awful that a lawsuit is filed alleging paralysis.

Pizza Hut

Everyone's favourite childhood pizza place hasn't aged well. Pizza Hut's revenues have plummeted despite its American nostalgia and pandemic-induced sales surge.


KFC has critics and diehards, but the corporation is the world's most loathed fast-food brand.


The restaurant is losing points on the American Customer Satisfaction Index due to smaller portions and foodborne disease incidents.


For every top-notch nugget, there's a blunder leading in complaints about variable food quality, drive-thru hassles, and decreased sandwich portions.

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