6 Ways Bananas Melt Belly Fat

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Bananas do just that by helping introduce good bacteria to our stomachs and getting our bodies prepared to lose some weight.

Bananas increase our gut flora

Bananas are high in prebiotic fibers and have been shown to increase the number [of] bifidobacteria in the gut

When you work or live in a stressful environment, which is now the case of most Americans, your cortisol levels are high, which makes you crave sugar-dense food.

Bananas can curb cravings

Bananas are an excellent source of fiber, and each banana contains a high amount compared with the number of calories.

Boost your fiber intake

Bananas improve insulin sensitivity, which helps the body process glucose more efficiently, thereby reducing weight.

Improves insulin sensitivity

Thanks to bananas, we get the proper nutrition to keep our workout regimens moving and balanced, ensuring some real results.

Makes our exercise regimen easier

While yellow bananas provide certain benefits, unripe bananas should really stand in the spotlight as you work on flattening your stomach.

Reduce absorption of sugar