10 Foods Nutritionists Stop Eating

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"Whole wheat bread is one of the most potentially inflammatory foods in existence since the gluten used in today's wheat bread is virtually indigestible by most people

Wheat Bread

"Brown sugar is just like the white stuff; it's a refined sugar that immediately hits your bloodstream and demands insulin as a response. 

Brown Sugar

According to Dr. Forman agave is very close to high fructose corn syrup, which is why he recommends avoiding it if you want to lose weight and cut out health problems. 


Just go on Youtube and see how these are processed; it will be enough to put you off commercial chicken for a lifetime.


Ever wonder why commercial pasteurized eggs last so long in the refrigerator? They do because they have been treated with antibiotics


Contrary to what food manufacturers would like you to think whole wheat pasta is just as bad for you as traditional white flour pasta.

Wheat Pasta

Most flavored yogurts have way too much sugar to be truly beneficial. "The flavoring is actually a sweet, sugar-loaded jelly that makes flavored yogurt very fattening

Flavored Yogurt

"Canning is an unnatural process that takes the goodness away," says Dr. Forman. 

Organic Beans

The problem with pasteurized milk is that the essential enzymes required for digestion have been boiled out.

Pasteurized Milk

When you cut out all the fats in milk you're not satiated and end up consuming more than you otherwise would.

Skim Milk


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