10 Drinks That Are Shortening Your Life

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 people who consumed alcohol on four or more days a week increased their risk of early death by 20 percent on average.


As established above, drinking any type of alcohol in excess can have detrimental health effects, and vodka is no exception.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with having two, three, or even four cups of coffee per day, but one study found that consuming more than four cups of coffee a day 


Drinking too many overly sugary coffee drinks is even more dangerous than coffee alone.

Sugary Coffee Drinks

According to a 2019 study that appeared in the journal, Circulation, the more sugar-sweetened drinks people consumed, the higher their risk for death. 


Harvard researchers found that drinking sports drinks (and other sugary beverages) increases the risk of dying from heart disease and some types of cancers

Sports Drinks

While a cup of tea (especially green tea) actually has many health benefits and can help ensure you live a long, happy life

Sweetened Iced Tea

While diet soda may be less damaging than regular soda from a caloric standpoint, it can be just as damaging

Diet Soda

Sodas aren't the only sugary drinks you should avoid if you want to live a long, healthy life. Though fruit juices may seem healthier than other soft drinks

Fruit Juice

Per a team of Swedish researchers, drinking milk to excess may be detrimental to health and could even shorten lifespan in women.



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