12 Discontinued Diet Sodas

1. TaB

While a mainstay soft drink for many people for many years, having been introduced way back in the year 1963, TaB just wasn't selling well enough anymore for Coke to keep on making the stuff.

2. Diet Crystal Pepsi

These Crystal sodas were the quintessential 90s drinks, but unlike neon-colored crop tops and statement earrings, Crystal Diet Pepsi is not making a comeback. Ever.

3. Tab Clear

Tab Clear was designed to fail and thus bring down Crystal Pepsi with it. Whatever its' purpose, Tab Clear went the way of Crystal Pepsi and both disappeared.

4. Pepsi Light

This saccharine-sweetened soda with a twist of lemon was introduced in 1975. Supposedly, the lemon flavor disguised the off-putting saccharine flavor. It was discontinued in the late 80s

5. Diet Coke Plus

Diet Coke Plus was positioned by the Coca-Cola Company as a healthy beverage. In reality, this stuff was no more healthy than the undoctored alternative and it flopped.

6. Diet Hubba Bubba Soda

Hubba Bubba sodas came out in sugary and diet form in the 1980s and were soon gone.

7. Diet 7UP Gold

This relic of the 1980s was even less of a success than the sugary version of 7UP Gold, which was comparable to an old-timey spiced ginger ale.

8. Diet Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola had a diehard following for decades. Boasting twice the caffeine of a standard cola, this liquid energy source was on shelves long before energy drinks were a thing.

9. Diet Coke Lime

Diet Coke Lime was actually quite a tasty beverage according to many fans, but it just wasn't moving enough units. In order to minimize bad press, Coca-Cola discontinued the beverage

without much in the way of comment, simply ceasing production and shipments in 2018

10. Diet Mountain Dew Super Nova

In 2010, Mountain Dew started a promotion called "FanDEWmonium" with a diet spin. 8 diet flavors with catchy names like Diet Super Nova, Diet Voltage, & Diet Crave

were available to taste at specific tour locations. The fans then voted on the sodas.It hit the shelves for 12 weeks but never quite caught on and was discontinued.


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