#1 Best Fruit for Your Liver

You've gotta love your liver. The body's second-largest organ (behind your skin) works hard behind the scenes to keep you alive.

You probably know that its primary function is flushing toxins out of the body, but it also processes nutrients from foods

 filters the blood and metabolizes the drugs you take, stores glycogen, produces chemicals that help the blood clot

See, your liver deserves your attention and a regular dose of the healthiest fruits for good liver health.

But you're not a heavy drinker, you say? What's to worry about? Perhaps you've heard of NAFLD, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. 

It's one of the leading causes of death worldwide and it affects one-quarter of the U.S. population, according to the Mayo Clinic.

NAFLD is not related to alcohol consumption, but it's characterized by liver inflammation and can lead to the same damage caused by heavy drinking

NAFLD is a fat problem. Deposits of fat form in the liver typically due to being overweight or obese, having high blood sugar

and high triglycerides, a blood fat. Avoiding NAFLD means doing all those things that support a healthier body overall—losing weight

One thing you can do today to protect your liver is to eat foods that fight liver inflammation

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